Simple Stats is simple, smart, free, and it even looks good. Don't hesitate to spread the word!

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In a nut shell

Simple Stats is a web statistics utility designed to enable you in monitoring visits on your website. It is very simple to install, and its interface goes straight to the important facts such as the Google search queries (understand "the search expressions in Google") that your visitors might have used to browse to your website :
Google search queries detail
Additionally, it is based on PHP, a widely used server scripting language that most web hosts have installed on their machines. And it requires no database (such as MySQL based DB's), but simply uses text files in an optimized way!

4 simple steps

1/ Get ready

  • First, make sure that your web host accepts PHP scripts
  • Then, change the "index.html" file name to "index.php"

2/ Download from Github

  •  -  (1.0 Mb)  –  (v. 1.10 - last updated April 29th, 2015)  –  (BSD licensed)

3/ Install

  • Unzip ""
  • Upload the whole folder to the root of your website after changing its name to "simplestats"
  • In your website index file which you've renamed earlier to "index.php", before any HTML tag (including the !DOCTYPE tag), comment or any text of any kind, add the following:
    <?php include("./simplestats/"); ?>

4/ Play

  • Browse to the following address:
  • Please note that, in order not to falsen your statistics when visiting your own website, you may use ?nostats at the end of the url: your visit won't be recorded. For example: